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Jul 12





Arrival , visitation  2 groups in kibera , 2 groups  in kawangware st mina, 2 groups in st Mary ( 10 people in each group)

Dec 22


This weekend we had a seminar which joined the youth from 3 different areas. The youth all came with a very fiery spirit and eager to learn more about God. We had many discussions where they started opening up about the struggles they they face as youth today in Kenya.

Nov 27


Award for the Hope Center Coptic Mission PEPFER Heroes Award sent from the American Embassy for efforts of Hope Center during Covid period.
Thanks to God

Nov 9


This week we traveled to a  remote area in Congo (Kananga)
We have two churches in the area and three blessed fathers. In Kananga we had a meeting with the servants, prayed liturgy and searched for a new land for the church.