Rural and Mobile Clinics

Coptic Hospital

Extensive progress has already been made towards providing quality medical care and services in the larger cities of Africa. The majority of the population, however, still does not have access to these facilities and there continues to be a great need for health care in small villages and rural areas. By the grace of God, Coptic Mission has started opening clinics in rural areas to treat the sick who are physically or financially unable to travel to the larger cities for medical attention. The focus is never just on urgent medical care, but also on outreach with compassion.

Coptic Hospital – Maseno, Kenya


The first rural clinic established by Coptic Mission was the Coptic Hospital, established in Maseno (western Kenya) in 2004. It was very difficult at first, trying to recruit doctors and pharmacists willing to live in and work in such a rural area, but with time and God’s grace, the clinic has gradually grown and today boasts a number of full time staff: three doctors, two pharmacists, a physiotherapist and several nurses and lab technicians.

The clinic also now has an inpatient ward for patients who need close, around-the-clock monitoring and offers the following services: • Clinical consultations • Full pharmaceutical services • Basic laboratory testing • Inpatient services • Minor surgeries • Rehabilitation services • Free immunizations • Free family planning services • Free TB testing and treatment • Free STI testing and treatment • Free malaria treatment • Maternity ward • Ambulance service in order to reach out to more than just the people who come to the Coptic Hospital, the clinic staff conducts medical campaigns targeting the poorer, rural communities surrounding Maseno.

These campaigns provide basic medical care, medication, public health education and HIV testing. While the medical professionals treat the physical ailments, others are on hand to share the gospel and guide people to Christ, the ultimate Physician.

Coptic Hospital – Musoma, Tanzania


Coptic Hospital – Musoma, Tanzania Coptic Mission has had a presence in Musoma, Tanzania since the early 1990’s. For many years the mission was conducting medical campaigns and reaching out to the community in different ways but the need for a medical health center was clear. God opened that door in December 2007 when the mission established an outpatient clinic and medicine dispensary.

Later that same year the mission, through funding from Center for Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), added the HIV comprehensive care clinic that offers free HIV care to the community. Since then the mission has provided medical services to approximately 26,000 outpatients and enrolled over 2,450 HIV clients into the HIV clinic. The medical center’s HIV services include HIV testing and counseling, TB clinic, outreach services, laboratory, inpatient care and pharmacy which provides antiretroviral drugs, opportunistic infection medications as well as counseling. Additionally, the center offers consultation, a fully equipped laboratory, a well stocked pharmacy, inpatient care and an operating room.

All the services are offered at affordable prices, so as to take into consideration the poverty in the village. We are looking to expand and need your prayers as we’d like to add an X-ray machine, and a mother and child clinic that would offer vaccinations and a blood bank. Coptic Mobile Clinics – Kanyama, Zambia and Mongoolee, Zambia Many of the people living in rural Zambia suffering from severe sicknesses, such as HIV/AIDS, have no access to any kind of medical attention.

The clinics established by Coptic Mission provide subsidized or free medication, lab tests and operations based on need. Furthermore, the clinics address basic public health issues through community education programs, increasing awareness on the prevention of HIV/AIDS, malaria, typhoid and other common and treatable but often deadly diseases. Located in the heart of the Zambian bush, the village of Mongoolee is hundreds of kilometers away from any medical attention. A very clear need for physical and spiritual healing prompted Coptic Mission to step in and provide a mobile clinic that provides services to the villagers once a month.

These services include free doctor consultations, free treatment, free medication and Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) for HIV/AIDS. More critical cases are taken to the Coptic Hospital in Lusaka for treatment.