Are you already an active member of your community? Do you enjoy planning and organizing events, and engaging and mobilizing people? Then we need your help! You can organize your own fundraising campaign for Coptic Mission and encourage others to support the vital work being carried out. Please contact us at to let us know about your event, to ask questions and to request resources. Thank you in advance.



By God’s grace the mission continues to grow and miracles take place daily. Hurting communities are being healed, and lives are being transformed. The body of Christ continues to respond, and each of us is a different part and has a different role. Not all are called to physically serve in Africa, but as the body of Christ, the mission belongs to us all. It is our mission to spread the Gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.

There is still much to be done, and so we pray that we can continue to count on your generosity to provide, to heal and to transform.


In Kind Donations

In addition to monetary donations, we are in great need of specific items that help us meet the demands of the mission, and help us serve the community better. We would be very grateful if you could either bring the following with you when you come to volunteer, or if you could send these items with missionaries who are traveling.

1. Technology: laptops, PCs, printers, scanners, copiers.
2. Furniture: desks, chairs, tables
3. Clothing: all age clothing in good condition for orphans, street children and other vulnerable members of the community
4. Spiritual books to establish libraries in all the churches
5. Church items: liturgy vessels, veils, liturgy books, Agpeyas, Katamaros, Synaxariums
6. Medical items: this particular need changes frequently – please contact us to find out what the most pressing, current medical needs are.

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 852
Batavia NY 14021

Phone Number

Care In Action

USA: Dr. Shoukri Wisa
Phone +1 585 615 4260

Canada: Dr. Hany Michail
Phone 905-567-7089

England: Dr. Onsi K. Morris
Phone 01372-818 418