January, 13, 2018

The retreat was attended by 13 of our fathers throughout Kenya. We Grace began by sharing with a word of encouragement explaining how much the Lord has equipped us with all the necessities for victory. The spoke about the following points:

There is victory of the Word- the reading of the scripture and its public proclamation bring great revival as seen in the life of Ezra as a priest; His grace the Bishop Paul explained that it starts by loving the Word and that will lead others into its understanding.(vs 8)

There must be love among servants- love brings unity and togetherness, as seen amongst the priests and the leaders. His Grace explained that it's through love that we can win people's heart to God, convincing them of love of Christ through us. (vs. 4-9)

Confidence in God's mercy- when people were remorseful, the leaders assured them of God's mercy for those who repent (vs. 9-11). Confidence takes away hopelessness, and with many words of encouragement: accepting one's mistakes and sins and confessing them also brings victory. (Nehemiah 9)

We thank our Lord for giving us another wonderful Spiritual retreat