January, 22, 2020

God’s Gift for His Church

Through the Love and Grace of God, the Coptic Mission has been given an opportunity to
impact the lives of over 8,300 girls between the ages of 10 and 26 years old. The
opportunity, DREAMS Program, will be in partnership with the local African government and
American aid organizations.
The Aim of the Program is to save the girls from all societal evils. The Program includes
caring for these girls spiritually, socially, and economically. The Mission will adopt these girls
in all their personal needs and protect them from further victimization. This includes various
ways of empowerment through continued visitation to their homes and schools, spiritual
guidance, payment of school fees and locating jobs for the girls.
Our prayers for these girls are that God can use His Mission to present a new healthy, holy
generation that will be like St Mary in presenting the image of Christ. We have started
preparing mentors and facilitators to work with this mission. We have already begun the
mission in a grassroots effort with an amazing meeting. This first meeting had almost 2,000
girls in attendance for a spiritual day. We witnessed amazing fruits and will continue with
this effort to raise these girls as future leaders of their homes and communities.
Our major challenge is to find young girls who would like to dedicate their lives to serve
these girls. We are praying that God may touch the hearts of some servants and
missionaries to offer their life for even short time to serve these girls.
Please if God would burden your heart to save God’s daughters contact the Coptic Mission.
You will receive the blessings of impacting many lives for His Kingdom.