July, 10, 2022

The Prime Minister, Jean Michel Sama Lukonde kyenge received, this Friday, July 08, 2022, in his office, at the Primature, Bishop Paul, bishop of the Coptic Orthodox mission, who came to talk to him about the actions of this mission in Congo and  of its desire to develop a partnership with the government in the health sector, where the Orthodox mission has more experience, as affirmed by Bishop Paul, who confided in the press at the end of this hearing.

 We spoke with him about the Coptic Orthodox mission here in Congo.  We demonstrated to him how we have several parishes and that in our churches we work more with the poor and we have a medical and humanitarian mission. All the time we help the community here in Congo in relation to our mission,” he said.  said.

 The Orthodox prelate recognized the support of the government in the accomplishment of the mission of his church in the DRC.

 We also exchanged ideas about some of the challenges we have and how to help the country. We are very happy and the mission is progressing very well here in Congo and we came to say thank you to the government for what it is doing to  the Orthodox mission and especially for his contribution,” he continued.

 This, before sharing his dream of developing a partnership with the government in the health sector, particularly in the fight against HIV / AIDS and against COVID-19 in order to help the population.

 “We hope that in the future we will enter into a partnership with the Congolese government in the health sector in which we are very expert, to fight against HIV/AIDS and COVID.  Besides, we have a dream for the future.  It is to work in partnership with the Congolese government, and that through different projects and we want to be treated here in Congo like missionaries.  We are in Congo to help and not to earn or profit,” Bishop Paul told reporters.