Job Vacancy - Counselor

The counselor’s objective is to offer psychological support to client through the hospital structured counseling services from different service delivery points. The counselor will be responsible to offer HIV Testing services, Linking HIV positive clients to care & treatment, offering Partner Notification services to the contacts of all index clients and offer Adherence counseling to all Hope Clinic patients.


Duties & responsibilities

  • Conduct HIV testing eligibility screening for Hospital clients
  • Offer HTS services to eligible clients
  • Offer HIV testing services to clients who walk into the Hospital seeking the service.
  • Identify and Link all HIV positively tested clients to care & treatment.
  • It is the counselor’s responsibility to document all HIV testing services in the MOH 362 register, Linkage register, PNS register, RAST, PITC short form and Kemr
  • Identify and link clients in need of PrEP and PEP services.
  • Offer Partner Notification services identified index contacts
  • Contacting while maintaining confidentiality, the PNS line-listed contacts for completion of PNS services.
  •  Conduct follow up sessions to all index clients with pending PNS.
  • Completely, timely and correctly document all HTS client work
  • Offer Adherence services to the CCC counselors
  • Give reports as requested