January, 24, 2018

We traveled a large group of priests from Zambia and Congo, to visit our congregation in the village of Masuika in the Bush area of the DRCongo the week after the Resurrection Feast. Amazing miracles happened around us as the devil continually tried to stop the mission. The village is 200 km deep in the bush of DRCongo. We had to walk 20 kilometers up a mountain to get to one of our churches in that area and one of the local fathers swam across the river and walked an additional 8 kilometers to get to the church. The devil did everything to try and stop this glorious occasion but Our God is a God of victory. As we arrived the Lord showed us how valuable it was for us to be there as hundreds of our congregation had been waiting outside for two days for our arrival. Many chanted songs and carried palm branches welcoming the group.

During the week, the priests visited and baptized hundreds of people. The priests saw God's mighty hand working. One Congolese priest journeyed to a church farther into the village and as it rained, the rain never touched the priest. Once he arrived at the Church, the people were weeping and overjoyed at seeing the man of God. Further, to assist in the growth of the church, Bishop Paul ordained a deacon to be a priest named Fr. Mena. There was such an ecstatic celebration for the village churches. What a glorious mission for us as leaders to see God’s mighty hand come out on top for the sake of His people