January, 15, 2018

We thank our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for having made us worthy to walk with Him in His suffering all the way to the cross, conquer death and rose with Him on the third day. The theme of this year was Jesus being our complete focus. We were asked to look at the characters involved during this time and examine ourselves to see where we belonged. Our focus as a church was based on several key points;

• To walk with Christ as His disciples proclaiming that Thine is the power, the glory, the blessings and the majesty
• To know whether we are bearing fruits in our lives or whether we are full of deception and not bearing fruits and covering our nakedness with leaves.
• To make the right choice of offering our best for Christ and not to betray Him.
• Make a resolution that we are not going to add pain and agony to the Lord
• Ask ourselves why we are following Christ.
As a duty?
To get redemption?
To feel rebuke because of my selfishness?
To be rewarded for paying a great price?
To know that we have a responsibility to be a light to the others?
• The resurrection of Christ should be a way of life in our lives and that we should continue to walk with Him.
During the feast of Resurrection, the church had a very blessed liturgy and was honored by the presence of Egyptian government representatives who came to celebrate together with us. We thank Our Lord Jesus for giving us such a passionate love that is beyond our understanding. We thank His Grace Bishop Paul for his guidance and tireless commitment in ensuring that the church is growing spiritually though his love and commitment to the church.